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Brandon Neiswonger


Brandon Neiswonger

Philosophy and Political Science

Both of my parents were out-of-state students when attending West Virginia University; they chose to become Mountaineers. In 2001, I was born into the family. As a Knight of the Golden Horseshoe and Associate Director of the Mountaineer Maniacs, I leave no doubt that I am a proud Mountaineer. I have lived my entire life in the northern panhandle and seen the problems our wonderful state has endured. I aspire to eventually change the state for the better and make our home among the hills a more perfect place.

As a Philosophy and Political Science double-major, you would expect me to spend all my time with my nose nestled in old books (I do sometimes). While I love my reading time, I love spending even more time in The Coliseum and Milan Puskar Stadium. In fact, if you've been to a home WVU football game since 2003, you've likely been in the same building as me already as I have only missed 2 home football games since then. I truly bleed old gold and blue!

Organizations:  Mountaineer Maniacs

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