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168 Society

Meet the 168 Society

Class of 2023

The second cohort of Project 168, WVU's innovative program that adds purpose and value to students’ outside-the-classroom experiences and brings the University’s core values to life were recognized at the Mountainlair Ballrooms, April 20th, 2023.

hear from students

Project 168 was an opportunity for me to not only record all of the activities I've completed in my time at WVU, but also a chance for me to reflect on all of the opportunities I've had in the last three years. The curriculum in Project 168 is set up to make sure students are making the best of their time at WVU and gaining experience in a number of different interests. 

There are certainly things I did within Project 168 that I may not have considered doing otherwise. Since completing all of the curriculum for Project 168, I have had the opportunity to create a personalized experience, understand different points of view, and reflect on all of the unique opportunities I've had since my freshman year.

Paige McElroy


168 Society

When I started as a Freshman at WVU, I knew campus involvement would be the key to personal and professional success. Project 168 was an opportunity for me to gain recognition for the extracurricular activities that I participated in on campus, as well as exposed me to new opportunities that I would not have known about if it weren’t for the Project 168 curriculum.

The coaches, students, and faculty involved with Project 168 made sure that I made the most of my time at WVU, and helped me to experience a multitude of campus activities. My favorite content area to complete on Project 168 was Alma Mater, as I gained recognition for completing the requirements, but also embodied the outstanding spirit of a Mountaineer! 

kylie parker

Kylie Parker

168 Society

Being a part of Project 168 has allowed me to grow my horizons in so many ways. As a Leadership Studies minor, the Leadership Development competency area really allowed me to take what I had learned in the classroom and apply it out in the professional. I am so glad that I got to complete Project 168 and was able to maximize on all of the really fun things going on around our campus.

Colton Nichols Headshot

Colton Nichols

168 Society

Completing Project 168 provided an array of experiences that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to appreciate. I tried many new endeavors through this project, and I gained a glimpse into all WVU offers. The Project 168 coaches and staff supported me and suggested ways to help me make the most of every hour I spend at WVU. I gained many fun memories completing initiatives from the curriculum. My favorite category was Service, Civic Engagement, and Activism where I learned about nonprofits within the WVU community.  It was gratifying to join in and serve in Morgantown. I’m grateful to WVU for providing opportunities like Project 168 for students to become more involved on campus and expand their collegiate experiences.

Lauren Sexton

lauren sexton

168 Society